The Covid pandemic that began in early 2020 has brought huge disruption and continues to effect our business and industry as we finish the year. Below I have detailed some of the measures Wild Path has taken in conjunction with booking and operating on courses. 

The page headlines are updated as and when things change and when government  guidelines change. So keep checking in for updates and look forward to things returning to normal in not to distant future. 

UPDATE AS OF 8th of January 2021

Currently the UK is under a National Lockdown this is for England, Scotland Wales and Northern Ireland. So far although unclear it seems to be in effect until mid February. Needless to say this means that any practical operations are off limits. Other than some local exercise on a personal level there is not much else on offer. Which is certainly a shame and almost sods law that it would be an excellent winter in the Lake District mountains currently. Lets hope that things may ease before the winter season is out. We will keep this page updated with any relevant changes as they happen. Stay safe and Happy New Year.  

UPDATE AS OF 16th December 2020 

Currently Cumbria and the Lake District are in Tier 2 restrictions. We are able to operate with a maximum limit of 5 clients to one instructor in keeping with the maximum group size of 6 people. There is a relaxing of the rules over the Christmas break so that people are able to meet up which will no doubt backfire. We shall not be operating from the 23rd of December until the 1st of January and the New Year. 

Scotland courses at the moment are not possible under the current regulations where all but essential travel is not allowed. We sincerely hope that this will change as we go into the New Year. 

Booking during the pandemic:

We understand that this is a volatile time to be committing to courses which cost both time and money. Currently as the situation continues we are operating a 100% refund policy for Covid related issues. At the time of booking we as for a 'show of commitment in placing a 0.5% deposit on the course and the outstanding balance two weeks prior to the course start date. 

Detailed below are our operating policies while out conducting courses. 


(1) If you or any of your household are required to self isolate due to Covid 19 symptoms (or exposure to someone with symptoms) during the dates of your booking, then you must not attend! You must engage with your government test and trace program and complete the period of self isolation. 

(2) Bring your own food and drink, sun cream, clothing and technical equipment where possible.


(3) Bring a Covid Kit with you face mask, protective gloves and eye protection such as sunglasses.


(4) Meet at car parks to avoid/minimise car sharing.


(5) Maintain 2m separation as much as possible and be prepared to use mitigation techniques such as use of face coverings and sunglasses, in situations where separation is difficult to maintain.


(6) Be prepared to be a bit more ‘self sufficient’ on the hill – eg taking responsibility for sorting out minor problems that a guide would normally quickly offer to help with.


(7) Take ownership of any small personal medical problems, such as blisters, minor grazes etc.


(8) Adopt a flexible approach and be prepared to adjust plans to avoid over crowding – eg avoiding popular climbs at popular times, reduce time spent on tops, car parks, meeting places or being inside.


(9) Understand that mountain rescue teams may be slower than normal to respond, or may not be able to respond immediately to an incident.


(10) Should you become ill within 14 days of spending time with us, we need to be informed.