Dan Goodwin 
Wild Path

Expedition leader and Adventure Guide 

Dan has over twenty years of experience working in the outdoor and adventure industry, a background that began as a child with mountaineering parents. His grounding came in the late 90's through Outward Bound in the Scottish Highlands. Since then he has worked on a variety of courses from hard skills training and assessment courses, outdoor education programmes and numerous overseas expeditions. This includes delivering hard skills courses for the national centre, Glenmore Lodge, as an associate instructor. 

In recent years, his love of Africa has been a huge factor in basing himself in Kenya, East Africa, working on a variety of projects with Rift Valley Adventures. Responsibilities included development and delivery of the adventure training for the British Army, international groups and outdoor education programmes. He was also involved with projects in the Middle East with Absolute Adventure that included

developing staff capacity and new adventure programs and activities in the UAE, Oman and Qatar. 

He has run numerous commercial expeditions in South America, Eastern and Southern Africa, Asia and the Middle East. Many with the UK's Outlook Expeditions


His UK outdoor qualifications include:

- Mountaineering Instructor Award

- Summer and Winter Mountain leader

- MIAS level 4 tutor 3

- UK Canyon Guide SPG

- Wilderness first aid responder 

'The desk is a dangerous place from which to view the world' 

John Le Carre 

Commercial Highlights 

Kilimanjaro, Tanzania x 3

Mt Mulanji, Malawi x 2

Salkantay, Peru x 2

Spiti Valley - India 

Jebal Shams - Oman x 2

Hijar Mountains - UAE x 5

Okavango Delta - Botswana 

Upper Zambezi, Zambia 

Mt Kenya, Kenya x 5 

Mt Ololokwe, Kenya x 5

Inland Sea, Qatar


Recce Highlights 

Northern Kenya Rock, Kenya 

Empty Quarter, Oman/UAE  

Simian Mountains, Ethiopia

Hatta, UAE 

Musundam, Oman 

Personal Highlights 

Mt Blanc, Gouter, France  

Crossing Egypt by bicycle, Egypt

Gulf of Aden to Persian Gulf Cycle, UAE 

Winter Climbing, Scotland  

Skye Ridge - Scotland 

Royal Arches, Yosemite - USA 

Sea Kayak - Oman  

Sea Kayak, Scotland 

Ski Mountaineering, Italy, Austria 

Ski Valle Blance, France

Seeded ski racer (teenager), Alps, UK 


Personal Climbing  

Forbes Arete, Chardonet, France 

Dulfer Route, Dolomites, Italy

Vanishing Gully, Ben Nevis, Scotland

Original Route Fairview Dome, USA

Barre Des Ecrin, France 


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