Mt Olokwe

Sitting high above Northern Kenya's semi arid Samburu area is Mt Olokwe known to the local Samburu Masai as Sabache a holy mountain. With its own unique biosphere on top lush forests and grass areas sit high above the plains below and it soaring big walls giving home to the endangered vultures it gives a very special experience. 

Sitting on its summit can only be compared to looking out of a plane window, the scale of the area is huge with the great North spreading as far as the eye can see. Elephant and the big five roam around freely here adding to the feel of being out on a true expedition. 

We take local Masai guides and donkey herdsmen to help navigate the way from the valley and plains to the summit area. Nights are spent out on the summit areas vast granite slabs and exploring this unique eco system. 

We also offer climbing and scrambling in some dramatic settings from the summit and also the numerous valley crags below. There is the opportunity to climb new routes in this area. The towers of the Cat and Mouse sit just a few clicks away and offer a great adventure day to their summits. 

There is also the chance to take in a Samburu safari to spot the big five. This is a tented expedition cooking on open fires and getting a cultural insight into old traditions and Masai ways of life. 

We will be announcing dates for this by September 2022 for our 2023 trips just email to get the expedition PDF. 

Africa Details 


The dates for expeditions run from the 1st of December to the 1st of April, rock and trekking trips not on Mt Kenya operate year round.  


All mountain expeditions require a good level of fitness for big days in the mountains and crags. 


We email out a specific kit list for the course upon receipt of a booking form. All technical hardware is included in the Expedition fee. 

Pricing: Please email to get the full details, dates and quote. Keep your eyes here as dates will be published soon.